The Price Tag of Friendship

The Price Tag of Friendship
As women we have a plethora of emotional demands which at times can be very intense. One of the ways God replenishes us emotionally is through friendship. I’m quite sure you’ve heard “women are a trip and it’s difficult to have a healthy positive relationship with women”. Oftentimes we are convinced that the risk of having close friends outweighs the reward.

News flash!!!! There is no love without risk. Every friendship must contain the element of risk if it is to grow and mature into it’s full potential. Friendships take intentional work and should be reciprocated.
I must confess!!! I am a murderer! If you put a plant in my hands, I am sure to kill it. LOL! But I was determined to get a plant. Meaning I was willing to take a risk at investing in something that I wasn’t sure of the outcome (much like friendships). A year ago, I bought two plants. I was intentional in learning what it took for me not only to care for those plants but to care for them in a way that they would flourish and not die. I must say I am extremely proud of myself. I still have those plants one is alive and flourishing, and the other, well it is flourishing with resistance. So, do I risk uprooting and replanting the plant that is flourishing with resistance? Will this be the best thing or will it cause harm to my plant?

I looked at those plants one morning and it reminded me of how intentional we as women need to be in putting in work to care for our friendships in a way that it would flourish and not die. In the process of caring for a plant there needs to be some pruning, feeding and talking to. Just as our friendships will need some pruning to root out anything that will cause damage, feeding to ensure growth at different phases of the friendship (yes there are different phases of friendship), and talking not only about easy topics but those topics that may cause some resistance. There may also be a time where uprooting and replanting needs to take place for the betterment of the plant/friendship. When looking at my plants I no longer see just a plant, I see the beauty of the plants. Although I experience an occasional ouch in taking care of my plants, the beauty far outweighs the ouch. I learned to handle my plant with care and respect. Friendships are much the same. They have stages of growth as do plants. Yes, friends will at times hurt you. Yes, friends at times will be your biggest supporters. With friendship comes strength and weakness. Whether the friendship is at a stage of extreme growth or needs to be uprooted for the betterment of both women. Your love for her as another woman should remain. Regardless if your friendship is at the beauty or ouch stage, choose love. Love may or may not mean you are with or talk to that friend daily. The depth of love means you pray for them without being asked, and you REFRAIN from any negative conversation about them, especially if the friendship is in the ouch phase.
PEARLStoPONDER: Every friendship has a price tag of some kind. We should get to the place where love covers the cost.
Proverbs 27: 17-- Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man/woman sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
Proverbs 18:24-- A man/woman that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
Colossians 3:14-- Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man/woman have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.


Posted by ARLETTA UNDERWOOD on June 12, 2019
Love this especially love how you used the plant analogy!!
Posted by Kenya Walker on June 12, 2019
Friends have a season and a purpose in our lives. I am learning to except when the seasons are over as well as when great friendships that have lasted a lifetime are in their dormant seasons. Thank you!
Posted by Sis. O. Williams on June 12, 2019
This really hit home for me...In the past, I really had a hard time letting women get close because of bad experiences...I always had a wall up before you even approach me... Questions like: Why is she talking to me? What is are her motives? But I had to learn to be a little more open to letting people in... Thanks for the blog...I loved your analogy... Keep writing...☺️
Posted by Erica on June 12, 2019
Thank you....This is great!!!!
Posted by Cheryl on June 12, 2019
I am so glad that read your blog today I am in the middle of a unfriendship and I am guilty of not knowing how to go about us know longer talking to each but now I am looking at it in a different light thank you
Posted by Lillie on June 12, 2019
Yes love should definitely cover the cost....and the honest conversations are necessary in relationships on every level
Posted by Janice Melvin on June 12, 2019
Beautifully Stated...Finding out I was adopted last year put a strain on my relationships.I didn't trust and I had to reevaluate my definition of FAMILY AND FRIEND. MY Circle Surrounded me with Love,Support,Compassion and Patience. It forced me to not take their LOVE for granted....THEY WANTED TO BE THERE In forever GRATEFUL FOR MY TEAM
Posted by sylvia A shelby on June 12, 2019
thank God for my sister/friends. Friendship is an important part of one's journey, every woman deserve it. What I learned in "friendship" through many hurtful trails, is getting to know that person first, establishing healthy boundaries; allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal the true reasoning behind your path crossing. Most importantly as you stated, remain conscious of what stage it's in. This will keep the friendship in the celebration stage, instead of just being tolerated. Trust me there is a difference. Lady Jennings, keep your ear to the voice of God.
Posted by Amanda on June 12, 2019
Your words are so true. I for one “cringe” when I hear someone say “women are so messy”. As you stated, you are pretty much closing yourself out to making any lasting friendships. I cherish each and every friendship that I have. And I hope that I am showing myself “friendly “ as well. If not.. I have no problem with them letting me know.
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