The Squirrel & The Rabbit

by Cynthia Jennings on March 27, 2019
The Squirrel & The Rabbit
I often sit in my kitchen gazing out the window at the big tree in my yard. Upon gazing I always am amazed at the squirrels going about their day playing, storing or retrieving food out of my landscape or looking to see what it is they should be doing next. I am marveled at God’s creation and how the squirrels are so confident, focused and tenacious about fulfilling their purpose, not allowing anyone or anything detour them from accomplishing that purpose.
Not only am I amazed at the work the squirrels put in, but I often see rabbits appear out of nowhere then quickly disappear, with the thought, what are they doing and where are they going. At night our motion light sometimes comes on and my husband and I say to each other I wonder what type of animal is out there. By morning when we let Charlie Brown out (our Beagle) he catches a scent and off he goes as if he is in an obstacle course. The culprit of the illuminated motion light, the rabbit, evidence by the hole he has burrowed in our backyard. My husband is a stickler about his yard, he said “that rabbit is tearing up my yard.” I laughed to myself, not because the rabbit is tearing up the grass by making his home in the middle of the yard. But because in my spirit God was showing me, I didn’t just allow the rabbit to make a hole, the analogy of the hole represents a quiet safe secret place. Hmmmm, with a raise eyebrow!

These two creatures are God’s way of showing or should I say reminding me that I too should be just at tenacious in making sure I intentionally take the time not only to burrow out my quiet place to ensure there are no distractions in order for me to  receive daily instructions from God, but to allow my spirit to be open and ready to receive His instructions on how to walk in and fulfill His purpose in spite of the many surrounding distractions.

Be like the squirrel, if the space where their stored food has been compromised, they move the food to another discreet location. Thus, if you have people and or situations compromising your purpose move yourself to a discreet location, then find your burrow (like the rabbit) for further instructions.
PearlstoPonder: Daily seek out a quiet safe secret space to stay connected with God for daily guidance.

 Psalm 91:1-2 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say[to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
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