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by Cynthia Jennings on September 11, 2019

The game of football. Oh, how I so enjoyed watching my son play this sport. I miss the anticipation of visiting different stadiums and the enjoyment of my husband and I driving in the car talking for hours. This brought to mind a football analogy I used in a Pastor’s Wives & Ministry Mates meeting I facilitated a couple of years ago. As you read this blog have an open heart so you will be able to digest it within your Spirit.

If you know anything about football the role and position you play is vital to the team. In the game of football, you will get tired and depending on the team played you may become exhausted. Mental and sometimes literal paralysis can happen to the point where you don’t move at the specified allotted time, and the inevitable hit will occur.

The Cornerback, is part of the secondary group of players who make up the defensive backfield. In a nutshell, these players are responsible for preventing the opponent’s receivers from catching the ball. When you hear secondary you initially think of an afterthought or not as important. Although Cornerbacks are part of the secondary group on the field, their field position is very important. They must be agile, quick, have a great eye and they are responsible for defending the ball preventing the opponent from scoring.

Oftentimes the enemy makes us feel as if we are secondary, as if we don’t count or have any worth. News flash!! Just like the Cornerback position is vital to the function of the team, our position according to God’s Word through Jesus Christ is vital to the function of the team {His Kingdom}.
Like the position of Cornerback, we too have to be agile, quick, and have a good eye anticipating the route{direction} the opponent{enemy}will throw the ball{test}. In anticipation of where the opponent{enemy} will throw the ball{test} we have to be agile and quick enough to defend it. We must have great footwork and the ability to think off our feet, because at any given moment we might have to change directions to be in the best position to defend or catch the opponents{enemy’s} pass.

Cornerbacks have great instincts. They know how to read what comes their way and adjust to any situation. Thus, preparing them to be ready to defend the unexpected. Which often times mean taking a hit (the enemy shook you or knocked you down temporarily) or giving a hit (standing up to the enemy). The great instincts of the Cornerback keeps them ready and available allowing room to defend the opponent and be put in the position to gain a victory for themselves and the team {Kingdom}.

The Cornerback has a short-term memory! They may have several function/hats and have to be prepared on any given Sunday even at the expense of being hit, knocked down or injured. Their short-term memory keeps them from dwelling on the missed play, hit or knock down, yet heightens them to focus solely on the purpose of defending the opponent{enemy} from having the opportunity of scoring.

In the game of football, no matter how hard any player tries and regardless of what move he makes, at some point they will get hit. So, will we! No matter how hard we try to and regardless of what moves we make the enemy will come our way. The question is have you studied how to defend the opponent? You can tell what team has watched film of their opponent by the way the defense plays. So, I ask, how prepared are you to defend, discern and gain victory over the opponent{enemy}?

PEARLStoPONDER: We will get knocked down and have some bruises. But our short-term memory will not allow us to be engulfed by any hit but instead look to our position in Christ. Which will allow us to focus on the fact that we had enough strength (The Word) to withstand the hit and be ready for the next play.
Ephesians 6:10-18
2 Corinthians 12:10

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