Impossible Circumstances is Where God Gets the Glory

by Cynthia Jennings on January 20, 2021

Crisis, crisis crisis!!! We all experience them at some point in our lives and none of us enjoy that experience. However, crisis is an opportunity to experience God at a level you had not previously known Him.

So, how do we keep fighting those battles when the crisis seems impossible and the daily reality of the crisis makes you feel far from victorious? You must take a firm hold to the truth that Christ has already won the battle for us!

In Scripture when God wanted to reveal Himself, you’ll find a consistent pattern of God either creating or allowing a crisis.

You’re in a crisis when all of your(self) options are gone. When all that you thought could work doesn’t, all seems impossible and you feel far from victorious.

Theologizing your crisis makes you see clearer. What if God has you in a crisis right now because He wants you to see Him(clearer) at a level you’ve never seen Him before (2 Corinthians 1:3-9).

When God wants to move you to a level of experiencing and not just knowing Him, He’ll use a crisis. The story of the Red Sea was the premier crisis of the children of Israel. The children of Israel when in Egypt lived comfortable with God (as some people do today). But the children of Israel had become too comfortable in a place God didn’t want them to stay. (Exodus 2:24). So, God allowed a crisis that included discomfort, difficulty, and anguish to move them out of their comfort zone.

Yes, I agree crisis don’t feel good to the flesh and we may feel helpless in those moments. But don’t be fooled by the lie of the enemy when he speaks to you saying “God is only good when He blesses you, how can God be good if He is allowing a crisis in your life.” News flash… crisis can be good for us!  Not only will we be able to experience characteristics of God that we may have never known, we must also remember God knows what’s best for us.

When crisis happen our first inclination is to view it as being negative. How about changing our perspective and viewing crisis as a blessing?  Crisis are God’s way of taking us the long route to not only receive the blessings He has waiting for us, but to make sure we are prepared to receive the blessings waiting on us.

God often chooses not to take some of us on the direct route because He knows the quick solution is not always the best solution. To be honest the quick solution oftentimes feeds our flesh, doesn’t lead us to seek God for direction and answers nor gives Him the glory.

God sometimes allows circumstances that make it appear as if evil is winning. Hence Peter’s imprisonment (Acts 12:1-17). Initially it would seem as if Peter’s imprisonment (the long route) was getting in the way of the work Christ had given him. But in the end, we see how God used the enemy’s destructive attempts to show the power of God to Peters persecutors and the church.

The following are 5 impossible situations where God got the glory:

1. Power over distance: Jesus healed a boy from a distance (John 4:46-54).

2. Power over time: It didn’t matter that the man had been lame for almost four decades; when Jesus says “walk,” he walked! (John 5:8).

3. Power over quantity: The math didn’t add up for the disciples, but lack of enough never limited Jesus (John 6:1-15).

4. Power over misfortune: The Light of the world brought light to the man’s eyes (John 9:1-7).

5. Power over death: Jesus transformed the impossible into the perfect opportunity to glorify God (John 11:1-44).

Regardless of the crisis we face, Christ will ultimately use every moment of it for our good and for the joy of God receiving the glory.


PEARLStoPONDER: God will sometimes will allow your situation to become worse so that He will be recognized and honored as God! We will find comfort and hope in remembering that our chains have been broken, Christ’s light has driven out the darkness, and He will continue to lead us by his strong saving power.


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