Potty Mind

by Cynthia Jennings on July 10, 2019
Potty Mind
Girl, you look fabulous!  Every time I see you, you have this glow. Whenever someone mentions your name it’s always positive and you always give out such great advice.

Ohhhh Wheeee! If these women only knew. All these compliments are making me uncomfortable. What they see on the outside is not what’s going on in my mind.

I had a woman say to me, “I wish people would stop complimenting me, and telling me how proud they are of me.” My heart sank. I internally asked myself what could possibly be wrong that compliments make her so uncomfortable. We both stood in silence for a couple of seconds. Then she said, “my mind is a potty!” I guess I had a dumb founded look on my face. She explained. Her mind is always a battlefield and the thoughts that come to her mind are so vile. She said, “I’m embarrassed to repeat them.” “I never act out what I’m thinking. Well, sometimes the words do flow out.” As she hung her head. “Why do I have these thoughts? If people knew what was in my mind, they would have a different perspective of me. Please help me.”

This woman is not alone! I’m sure this scenario has haunted us a time or two. I truly can understand what this woman is feeling. My mind has been a battlefield. Vile thoughts have engulfed my mind. I shake my head and say where did that come from? What I learned is the enemy will continue to impart lies in our minds to thwart our Christian journey. Our minds are a constant battlefield. Once we recognize we are in a battle, then we can properly equip ourselves for that specific battle.

Spiritual battles often start in our minds. IF the enemy can get us to think contrary to God’s Word, then the likelihood of us acting contrary to God’s word is high. In order to protect our minds, we must put on the helmet of Salvation (Ep 6:17). The helmet protects our head from toxic thoughts and lies. The enemy has mastered the art of turning a woman against herself by polluting her thoughts with lies.

For all of us who have/had potty minds raise your hands! The good news is, there is help. Through my studies on the mind I concluded a good rule of thumb to follow; if your thoughts are condemning it’s a lie from the enemy, if your thoughts are convicting it’s from God. Now remember conviction can sometimes hurt so don’t allow the enemy to trick you into not believing God’s convictions. God convicts with the sole purpose of drawing our heart closer to Him. Without your helmet of Salvation, you will see what the enemy wants you to see. A battlefield mind full of vile thoughts about self and others, instead of the beautiful fearfully and wonderfully made woman God created you to be.
PEARLStoPONDER: Don’t allow the enemy to infiltrate your thoughts with lies that will put/keep us in bondage.

Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Philippians 4:8
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