The Blessing of Loving God’s Word

by Cynthia Jennings on February 3, 2021

During this pandemic have you been watching, catching up or binging on shows? Have you become obsessed with catching up on the seasons you’ve missed?

Are you reading episode synopses and finding fresh things to talk about and share on social media? Are you waking up in the morning with the last episode on your mind wondering how it will end? In times past shows were only available once a week and you had to wait to have your fulfillment of your favorite show. But now, streaming allows you to watch an entire season in one sitting.

Have you ever thought about how something you’re watching that has nothing to do with your life can take up so much time and mental energy? You’re meditating on the show, it’s characters and the storyline all with eager anticipation of what will happen next.

As I scroll through all of the channels we have. I thought, it’s so easy to get stuck on streaming and meditating on storylines that have little to do with real life. It’s so easy to become distracted because we gravitate towards entertainment. I’m not saying we shouldn’t watch our favorite shows. But the Bible directs us to a different path than modern media does. (Joshua 1:8). I challenge you to compare the time spent streaming and meditating on shows verses time spent reading and meditating on God’s Word.

As Joshua was about to lead the Israelites, he was told to meditate on the Book of the Law, day and night. That meant he was to diligently study to consider and understand what is God’s will. We are not heading up a nation as was Joshua. But we are influencing people around us. We also are told to meditate on the Word of God (Psalm 1:2);(Psalm 104:34);(Psalm 119:15); (Matthew 6:6), so we too are equipped to consider and understand  what is God’s will.

Joshua had a huge task ahead of him and I’m sure he had other things that could have entertained him. However, when he accepted the mandate to lead the Israelites, he took it seriously. Understanding he could not be an effective leader without knowing the Book of the Law. The only way he would be able to learn the Book of the Law was to read and meditate on it.

As Believers we must take our mandate seriously as lights of the world. Are we willing to sacrifice streaming entertainment to read and mediate on The Word so that we’re able to live the Word?

Yes, streaming is relaxing and entertaining because we get our fix of drama, romance, war, comedy and a bit of gore. But I implore you to dive into the Bible, inside the pages you will get your fix of all the above. The difference—is the path to everlasting life. That is something binge watching can never deliver!

So, go ahead and delight yourself in The Lord (Psalm 37:4).

PEARLStoPONDER: Father in the Name of Jesus, I don’t want to rely on my phone or my screen for comfort, connection or guidance. I want to put my trust and hope in You alone. Help me to manage and prioritize my time to mediate on Your Word daily.  I ask The Holy Spirit to alert me to any distractions that will lead to me squandering time and energy on things that I have allowed to supersede You.


Posted by CB on February 03, 2021
Much needed and on time!
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