The Importance of a Balanced Life

by Cynthia Jennings on June 16, 2021

Balance. We all want balance in our life. We shift this around; we navigate around something else to obtain the perfect balance to our life. A balance life is a powerful life. But what does a balance life look like?

Let’s take a look at Jesus who was strategic in the way He spent His time.  Jesus had a sense that His time on earth was short and He wanted to pour all He had into the work God had for Him. In order to do so, Jesus used multiple disciplines to achieve the balance he needed to complete his mission on earth.

1. He waited on God: First, and foremost, Jesus was able to create balance in His life because He waited on God’s instructions and leadership (Matthew 24:36; Isaiah 40:31). He didn’t move outside of God’s directions.

2. He knew how to say, “no”: Jesus always said “no” to the wrong things so that He could say “yes” to the right things. An example is when Jesus’ disciple told him people were demanding to see him and his healing power—but Jesus said “No”—instead let’s go to the small villages to preach the Gospel because that’s why I came (Mark 1:37-38). Jesus didn’t allow the demands of others deter him from his God given assignment.

3. He knew how to ask for help: Jesus went to his friends for support. He asked them to pray for him and watch his back. When Jesus needed support, he wasn’t afraid to ask for help (Mark 14:32-34). God ordained specific individuals to be a part of Jesus’ circle.

4. He retreated regularly: Jesus retreated after a time of victory (Matthew 14:22-23); before making major decisions (Luke 6:12-13); after a heavy period of ministry (Mark 6:30-32); and when he needed a break from people (Mark 7:24). Even the Messiah knew when to take a break.

5. He listened: Not only did Jesus take time to hear the thoughts, concerns and perspectives of others (Luke 24:17-20), most importantly—he listened to the Heavenly Father (John 14:24).

6. He had intimate conversations with God: Jesus’ deep and intimate conversations with God prepared him to face and complete each earthly assignment (Matthew 26:36-42). Our intimate conversations with God will equip us to make better, more confident choices.

7. He knew how to delegate and empower: Jesus modelled the work to his disciples then sent them out and empowered them to do all the things he had been doing (Matthew 10:1). Jesus stated they would do greater things than him (John 14:12).

Jesus established the footprint and showed us the characteristics to achieve a balanced life. To implement the disciplines used by Jesus, just STOP, DROP and ROLL.

STOP: Stop, take a hard look at your life. Build on your strengths, accept your limitations and get in the Word so you will know God’s plan.

DROP: As you begin to discover God’s plan, drop anything that does not fit that plan.

ROLL: Roll away the burdens you are carrying and learn the value of resting in God.


PEARLStoPONDER: Finding balance takes prioritizing; maintain balance takes determination. By putting Jesus’ disciplines into practice, you will begin to feel healthier and revitalized


Posted by Sandra Hardeman on June 16, 2021
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