"The Peeping Sister"

by Cynthia Jennings on April 3, 2019
 The Peeping Sister
Has there ever been a time in your life where you peeped over the fence and compared yourself to another woman. I’m not talking about comparison from a physically outward viewpoint, but from a purpose/calling viewpoint.
OK…..maybe it’s just me who has been a “peeping sister” LOL!
There have been times where I second guessed my purpose or questioned why my purpose or calling is not “out front.” In having been in that space I also realized it is easy for “the green eye” to creep in, and instead of focusing on what God has me doing I was trying to figure out how to get “the shine” of the woman I was “peeping” at.
You see, from the outside the woman I was “peeping” at looks as if she has it all together, and in my mind it’s being replayed over and over again all the test and trials I have endured and “the shine” I see on her (or I think I see) has me questioning where is my shine. But in reality, what God was trying to show me I just was not catching on to it.
One day as I was envisioning my “peeping,” God spoke to me so clearly. “While you have “the green eye” towards the other woman’s “shine” you are minimizing the behind the scene SHINE I have given you.” “The shine” of the other woman is not a God given purpose given by me but a self-purpose she intended to use and display only for “the shine.””  I must be honest, at first those words did not register and I initially did not fully grasp the intensity of God’s words. The enemy wanted me to continue “peeping” to distract me from not only accepting God’s purpose for my life but wanting me to believe my behind the scene purpose was not good enough for God’s SHINE, nor was it important or fulfilling.
Had I not accepted the voice of God over the enemy, the Pearls to Ponder blog that you are reading would not have come to fruition. You see there were times where I believed my behind the scene purpose was not good enough and I always questioned am I “doing” enough. The Lord’s voice always reminds me, “every test and trial whether self-inflicted or allowed by me, was necessary because I created you to SHINE behind the scene.”
So, having been a “peeper” I say, be aware of “peeping” over the fence and acquiring “the green eye,” but give thanks for every test and trial because those same test and trails are my foundation that is allowing me to be equipped to SHINE in God’s purpose.
PearlstoPonder: Don’t allow “peeping” to steal your SHINE!
Luke 12:48b Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.
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