Obedience + Sacrifice = Promise

by Cynthia Jennings on July 3, 2019
Obedience + Sacrifice =Promise
Human nature usually looks for the “ram” (result/solution) before we finish the obedience of an assignment. Have you ever thought that God puts you in a trial that doesn’t make sense because He wants to foil what you believe and or feel?

When God wants to give you an encounter with Him it’ll involve a contradiction(sacrifice/test) that involves using the thing (or person) you treasure the most.

I’m quite sure you are somewhat familiar with the story of Abraham, Issac and the ram, so I won’t go into details. Envision the story. God kept the ram (the solution) quiet until after He felt and saw Abrahams willing obedience in the process of completing the test (contradicting/sacrifice/Issac).

You have this contradiction in your life. You know there has to be a solution. You begrudgingly become obedient to the process of finding the solution, thus rendering an incomplete process. But in the midst of the incomplete process you keep looking for the end result. However, you can’t hear or see it. What’s going on? Why can I not find the solution to this contradiction?

Envision the story again.  There was a contradiction in Abrahams life (God told him to sacrifice his son Issac). Abraham complied to the instructions giving concerning the contradiction (obedience) then made preparations (sacrifice). Issac asked Abraham a question about the sacrifice being prepared. Abraham answered; God will provide. Abraham had no clue about the ram (the promise/solution).

Between Gods promise and oath to Abraham (you) there was space, or I would prefer to say preparation when He gets the promise ready for you and you ready for the promise. It is only when God feels you are ready to receive it will He release the promise.

During the preparation period you play a role as to how long the contradiction will last. We often say I want a closer encounter with God. But when HE sends the contraction you are begrudgingly obedient. When you are begrudgingly obedient or disobedient the ram is kept quiet longer than necessary.

Are we truly willing and ready to make a sacrifice in obedience as did Abraham with Issac for the ram to no longer be quiet?

There is a lesson to be learned in every contradiction(test/sacrifice). But we often miss the lesson because we are too busy trying to find the solution.
PEARLStoPONDER: Obey even when you think it doesn’t make sense, sacrifice even if it hurts and your quiet promise will be revealed. The encounter with God far outweighs the contradiction!
Scripture reading: Genesis chapters 12-22
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